On May 15 -- despite an enormous and growing public backlash -- FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler went ahead and introduced rules that would let Internet Service Providers give fast-lane treatment to huge corporations who can pay for it, and stick the rest of us on an Internet slow-lane.

BUT (this is the good news) the option to reclassify the Internet as a communications service (making the slow-lane a non-option) is still on the table -- and the FCC is asking the public to weigh in between now and July 15th with what we want to see happen.

Here are some things you can do:

Email the FCC directly at: to make your support for the Open Internet and Net Neutrality part of the official public record.

(We’re told that a) they are actually reading these, and b) personal stories are especially helpful!)

Sign the petition from our friends at Free Press, an organization fighting hard for universal and affordable Internet access, diverse media ownership, vibrant public media, and quality journalism.

Sign the White House Petition calling on President Obama directly to stand up for and protect the Open Internet. If it reaches 100k signatures by May 24th, 2014, the promise is that he will respond.

Go to White House Petition

Sign the petition with our friends at Fight For The Future, an organization dedicated to expanding the Internet's transformative power for good.

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